Lunar Surface Operations
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Disposable Jumpsuit Option for Dust Control

Since there may very well be a problem with lunar dust getting into the habitat on peoples' suits, there may be a simple way to cut down the amount of dust tracked in. Workers could wear disposable coveralls made from locally produced paper (maybe made from fast growing bamboo?), which they could take off before reentering the airlock.

Granted, paper is not that robust, but there are some fairly tough suits made for the medical profession. They don't have to be perfect, they just have to hang together enough to keep most of the dust off the suit. We might not even need a full coverall; just cover the legs, feet, and arms, which get the dirtiest (judging by Apollo photos).

Putting them on would be easy. Since it's done inside, help would be available, or you could cover the suit before getting into it. Taking the cover off outside is easy, too: rip it off and stuff it in the recycling bin. From there it is mulched and used as fertilizer in the greenhouse! Or it could be recycled into other paper products, such as new coveralls.

This concept could probably be adapted to the hardshell/airlock type of suit, with paper covering the suit/airlock seal while you're out on the land.

Naturally, we would still need to clean the suits, but this would reduce the amount of dirt by quite a lot.

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Lunar Surface Operations

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