Site Selection
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Landing Site Selection Criteria

The proposed landing site is at 22 N, 70 E, on the east edge of Mare Anguus (east of Mare Crisium). I christened the area Angus Bay, for reasons explained elsewhere in the Artemis Data Book. The little red circle marks the spot in the illustration below.

Image of the Moon with Angus Bay
Angus Bay, on the Northeastern Shore of Mare Crisium

The illustration shows a map of the moon, as imaged by Clementine, with the nearside centered.

We have to consider a lot of factors when we choose a landing site, especially when it may be the location of the moon's first permanent city:

The proposed site at Angus Bay fits each of these criteria. It's not the only place that fits, but from all we know now it seems to be the best choice. See the list of Clementine images of the site for some more detailed views of the area near Angus Bay.

More information about landing site selection is in the internal notes of the Lunar Science Technical Committee in section and the Site Selection Technical Committee in section of the Artemis Data Book.

References: Heiken et al. Lunar Sourcebook: A user's guide to the moon. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995.

Site Selection

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