Survey of Existing Launchers
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Zenit Series Data

Josh Hopkins

Vehicle        |     Payload  kg  (lbs)   |  Reliability  | Price
(nation)       |  LEO      Polar    GEO   |               |

Zenit                                        22/25  88%
  Zenit        13,740    11,380    4300                  $65m
              (30,300)  (25,090)  (9480)

Zenit is the newest of the large former Soviet vehicles, having come online in 1985. It suffered three consecutive failures between 1990 and 1992, but appears to have overcome those growing pains. Zenits are manufactured in Ukraine by NPO Yuznoye. Boeing recently announced a joint venture with NPO Yuznoye and the Norwegian marine engineering company Kvaerner to launch Zenits from a modified oil platform starting around 1998. Due to the lower launch site latitude and a new upper stage from RSC Energia, performance will increase. Payload to GEO will increase to about 5400 kg. Payload to LEO will be about 13,000 kg. Price is unknown at this time.

Check out Boeing's web page at for more info.

Based on Josh Hopkins's Sci.Space FAQ Section on Orbital and Planetary Launch Services.
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Survey of Existing Launchers

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