Survey of Existing Launchers
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Related External Web Sites

The following are web sites external to the Artemis Data Book with information on launch to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Air Force Space Fact Sheets

Spacecraft and launcher specifications
The two links above are part of Robert A. Braeunig's Space Technology Home Page, and provide detailed specifications for many launchers, including images and information on individual stages, fuels, and an impressive assortment of other information.
History of the Delta Launch Vehicle
The Delta family of launchers is one of the oldest and most successful unmanned launch vehicles ever put into service. Deltas entered service in 1960 and the latest version, the Delta II, is a popular commercial launch vehicle today, with Delta III and Delta IV versions in the works. This Web site take a look at the Delta series of launches, with a complete launch log, background information about the rockets, and more. It's a good way to learn more about one of the key rockets of the Space Age.
Arianespace Website
Arianespace's site includes live netcasts of launches, newsletters, documentation, photo gallery, video clips, & more.

Survey of Existing Launchers

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