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Musicians and Publicity

Jason Horton

There has been discussion on the topic of music products and celebrities which could be used as promotion by Artemis Project. There are a few things to consider when assessing the commercial viability of musical products:

Artemis Licensed Music

Artemis Society International would sell a license for the use of its name and/or likeness to be used for the promotion and marketing of a musical product (e.g. CDs, Tours etc).

In order for an organization or individual to find a license viable, it would have to give the product greater value, which in music generally means giving it access to publicity and diffusion (e.g. tv or radio play) significantly greater than it would have without the license. The license would also have to enhance the image of any artists involved.

At this time such benefit would likely be gained only by new artists launching their careers due to the fact that Artemis does not yet have much penetration in the market place.

Artemis / Celebrity Associations

Established artists could, by association with Artemis, increase market awareness of Artemis. Due to the fact that most of the benefit would likely flow to ASI it is probably ASI that would pay for such endorsements and not the other way around.

There might be an exception in the case of long established artists who have been absent from the market for some considerable time, such as when a celebrity from the 70's or 80's wishes to re-launch their career.

The most likely scenario I have been able to devise is for Artemis to go searching for partly forgotten celebrities and take on the management of their career for the purpose of re-launching it. As this would involve some up-front investment it would probably need to be done in conjunction with an established artist management business.

Selection of Songs / Artists

There has been some comment on which songs or artists would be most suited to Artemis, and some of these comments have been based on personal preferences.

As with any entertainment product, all judgments should be made purely considering commercial viability.

Other Business Issues

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