Legal and Political Issues
Section 3.5.
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Social Causes and the Artemis Project

Since its inception, the Artemis Project has had a strict "No Social Causes" policy.

Many organizations have been weakened or even destroyed from within by bickering over social causes that have no bearing at all on the organizations' purpose. Some organizations have become a cause unto themselves, and faded into oblivion when the luster of that cause waned. For this reason, we do not allow the name of the Artemis Project or Artemis Society International to be use to promote any social cause, and do not allow the promotion of unrelated social causes within public forums sponsored by Artemis Society International.

"Social causes" means everything from the Bill of Rights to the usurpation of it: Environmentalism. Animal rights. Gay rights. Women's rights. Men's rights. Indian rights. Black rights. Gamblers' rights. Abortion rights. Babies' rights. Deep-sea fishing rights. Individual rights. Mob rights. Hunters' rights. Owls' rights. Whales' rights. Smokers' rights. Left rights. Rights left. No nukes. Pro nukes. Population control. The right to keep and bear arms. The right to keep and arm bears. Diversity. Xenophobia. Freedom of speech. Language redefinition. Freedom of religion. Freedom from religion. Free public education. Freedom from public education. Entitlement programs. Capitalism. Socialism. Prismism. Remember the Alamo. Remember the Maine. Remember Pearl Harbor. Remember the Holocaust. NASA-bashing. NASA worshipping. National pride. Self-hatred. Pro metric. No metric. Economic theories. Conspiracy theories. Religious theories. Equal opportunity theories. Endangered species. Endangered plants. Endangered rocks. Endangered social causes. Even the Artemis Society, as an end in itself, could become a social cause.

I'm sure everyone participating in the Artemis Project feels strongly about many of these subjects. Some of them are very important to the human condition. Some of these problems will undoubtedly be solved when the Artemis Project is successful. But the Artemis Project may not be used as a platform to promote any social cause. No exceptions.

Except one: Establishing a permanent, self-supporting lunar community.

The program is designed to a high standard of ethics, with the controls required to enforce those ethical standards; however even that standard of ethics is not an end in itself. It is a means to the end.

I have my own reasons for wanting to see the Artemis Project succeed. So do you. So does everybody else working on the program. Members of the Artemis Society represent every race, every economic theory, every philosophy, and almost every religion on the face of the earth. No matter what your opinion of a given social cause, you can find someone to disagree with you and enjoy hours of debate on insoluable problems. Folks are welcome, from the platform of their own social causes, to explain why the Artemis Project will advance their cause. However the inverse relationship is not permitted; you have to hire your own hall.

For the Artemis Project, the important thing is that we agree on the one goal of establishing a permanent, self-supporting lunar community. All else pales by comparison.

Legal and Political Issues

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