Legal and Political Issues
Section 3.5.
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Political Environment for the Artemis Project

There are two bright beacons of hope regarding the political issues.

The first bright hope is that the political and legal situations are difficult, but not fatal. NASA's new thrust is toward commercial space, and converting NASA back into a research and development agency; and the philosophies of the new Congress would definitely be aligned toward commercial space ventures. But we haven't asked any representatives or NASA officials for an official opinion yet.

We've hashed through legal issues, too. There's really no law which would prevent us from doing this. There are a few international treaties and federal laws which promise to be an expensive nuisance, but they aren't show-stoppers.

The second bright hope is political clout. The project, by its nature, requires the support of a huge number of people: as customers for the entertainment business, members of Artemis Society International, and stockholders of The Lunar Resources Company. If the public supports the project, then the Congress and White House will support it, too; which means any laws or treaties which obstruct what we want to do will be changed.

Legal and Political Issues

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