Legal and Political Issues of Commercial Space Flight
Section 3.5.2.
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Space Policy, Law, and Commercialization

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Space, the Dormant Frontier: Changing the Paradigm for the 21st Century

by Joan Johnson-Freese and Roger Handberg
Praeger Publishers, 1997
hardcover, 288 pages.
ISBN 0-275-95887-6
Thanks to Jeff Foust, of Space Views, for the review

American space policy was founded with then-current sensibilities during the Cold War some forty years ago. Since then, particularly in recent years, events have made that foundation irrelevant—and perhaps even damaging—to America's civilian and military space efforts. The world view upon which space policy is based, its paradigm, must be changed to revitalize the space program, Joan Johnson-Freese and Roger Handberg argue in Space, the Dormant Frontier.

A key problem, the authors argue, is that while both civilian and military programs have been shaped by the Cold War-based paradigm, there has been little interaction between the two. They suggest that more interaction and cooperation between the two would enhance their relative strengths. Any new paradigm, they also note, must also take into account the commercialization of space, and allow the continued growth of private space operations.

The authors provide a compelling argument on how broken current space policy is, although few would disagree with that in any event. They don't focus as much on the government's role as an enabler of commercial space (thtough such items as launch regulations, a current industry concern), but do take a close look at the interaction between the civilian and military sides of governmental space. Although an academic treatise, the book is quite readable. Overall, Space, the Dormant Frontier provides a compelling look at what's wrong with current space policy and how it can be fixed.

International Space Policy: Legal, Economic, and Strategic Options for the Twentieth Century and Beyond

Edited by Daniel S. Papp and John R. McIntyre
Quorum Books, 1987, 341 pages
LC 87-2519. ISBN 0-89930-215-7. PPS/ $85.00
Available (Info. Updated 8/27/98)
Thanks to Greenwood Publishing Company for the review

This book brings together experts and analysts in international space policy from academia, government, and the corporate world, and from the technical and legal spheres. It was felt that this broad cross-section of expertise would result in the multidimensional and multidisciplinary treatment this complex issue requires. This volume provides a valuable mix of perspectives by experts examining the important issues of this new era of space exploration.


Legal and Political Issues of Commercial Space Flight

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