Financing the Project
Section 3.3.
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Role of The Lunar Resources Company in the Artemis Project

The folks who formed The Lunar Resources Company have taken the personal risk, in terms of money, personal reputation, and all of their free time, for years to get the Artemis Project going. To date, all of the people participating in The Lunar Resources Company have done so with no financial reward at all; some of us forgoing considerable amounts of money to nurture this program.

Without the company's effort, there would be no Artemis Project; and without the Artemis Project, the most you could hope for in your lifetime would be one or two commercial robot rovers and just maybe a politically motivated scientific mission.

The Lunar Resources Company created Artemis Society International and used its own capital to get the organization going. Without the company, there would be no Artemis Society, and no way for you to participate in a space flight program. The company continues to underwrite Artemis Society International at its own risk. Without The Lunar Resources Company, the Artemis Society is just another club for space fans.

The Lunar Resources Company has established an international network of business resources that can take anything created for the Artemis Project milieu to market more cost-effectively than any other method you might choose.

The Lunar Resources Company is the only company committed to investing all its net earnings in the lunar community. This is LRC's reason for existence. We can hope there will be others; indeed others are being set up.

About Other Business Ventures

Now, having written a sales pitch about The Lunar Resources Company, I have to point out that this can't be a one-company project.

People are always encouraged to start their own business ventures to participate in the Artemis Project. We don't have the resources to create every business venture that it will take to get this thing done. Besides, the more products and services are available, the more fun it will be.

Some folks are tuned to this business stuff; some aren't. If you can, please do it. Those with business talent can create employment for those with other talents and interests, but somebody has to do the business work.

If your business can do things with The Lunar Rescources Company to everyone's benefit, that's great. But if not, do it anyway; it's still great. You can conduct your own business -- be it a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship -- and have your own Lunar Base Development Fund. You can use that fund to purchase stock in the moon base, independent of Artemis Society International or The Lunar Resources Company or anybody else. The most important thing is to have the capital available when it comes time to develop the spacecraft and fly to the moon.

Financing the Project

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