Financing the Project
Section 3.3.
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Licensing the Artemis Project

The Artemis Project

The Lunar Resources Company, a corporation owned and operated by indvidual members of Artemis Society International is working on license sales. The value of the license is based on publicity for the Artemis Project. Some Artemis Project products such as a screen saver increase the exposure, so they are part of the rising tide which raises all ships.

Licensing is the responsibility of The Lunar Resources Company, not Artemis Society International. The Society does not engage in any form of commercial business.

Financial arrangements are worked out in a case-by-case basis. Yes, we have guidelines for licensings fees; but no, we won't make them public. We haven't attempted a program of recognizing Artemis Society International as a licensing agent, however individuals who might also be members of the Artemis Society are welcome to pursue licensing contracts and hence earn a finders fee when the fish is landed.

Money from licenses sold by The Lunar Resources Company goes into the pool set aside by the company as a commitment to purchase stock in the space flight company when that stock becomes available. Any money raised by Artemis Society International goes into ASI's fund, which is used for the Society's internal operations. If the Society raises a significant amount of money, we may amend the Society's charter so that it can establish a program where the Society purchases stock in the space flight company; however, such program is not in place at this time.

Individuals and companies may commit to purchasing stock in the space flight company. Which of these methods -- commercial, donations, or direct investment -- will be most effective is left for future history to decide. Hitting it on all fronts seems the fastest way to the moon.

The Lunar Resources Company's sponsorship of Artemis Society International is accounted for separately, to maintain the think tank and the meeting ground as well as the company's pro bono contribution toward education and research.

Financing the Project

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