Financing the Project
Section 3.3.
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Space Fantasy and Real Space

Our goal is to separate far-out science fiction from space travel in the audience's mind. People like to watch car chases on television, but about 1% of that adventure is more than enough in one's personal life. That's why Apollo 13 was as exciting as Star Wars -- it's not the same thing. Star Wars isn't about space travel; it's a fantasy story in a universe where magic works about the struggle between Good and Evil. Apollo 13 was a real, human adventure, so it was even more emotionally gripping than the space-fantasy flicks.

That's why I keep saying that the Big Difference is that the Artemis Project is real!

Fantasy stories are big sellers, but I've found people get more involved with the characters in my hard-sf stories because the situations are more real. They can identify with the adventure. If the big fantasy was what people just had to have, all the guys in the U.S. would move to Las Vegas and chase showgirls instead of pursuing the girl next door; or they'd stay home and watch videos.

Maybe some day virtual reality will be so realistic that it is as satisfying as real life, but we'll need a new revolution in physics for that to happen. And even then, a canned script just won't be the same as the real thing.

Financing the Project

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