Electronics Manufacturing
Section 2.15.3.
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Electronics Manufacturing

The low gravity of the moon might make it possible to produce semiconductor chips with a much higher rate of success than we have on Earth, with increased purity of the metals allowing for even more dense processors and memory chips. The lunar community also might find that shipping even lightweight silicon chips from Earth is prohibitively expensive.

The moon will need electronics for everything: data processing (of course), household equipment, automatic control systems, robots, and even spacecraft manufactured on and launched from the moon. The abundance of the raw materials and full automation of the manufacturing process promises to turn the moon into the leading electronics supplier to the Solar System.

In this section of the Artemis Data Book we will explore the people, resources, systems, and processes required to manufacture electronic components on the moon. What electronics will we need? Who is our customer? What people, machines, and other resources do we need to create this industry?

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