Solar Power from the Moon
Section 2.8.
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Papers relating to lunar solar power located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

An Evolutionary Path to SPS
A difficulty with proposals for satellite solar power systems is the absence of a plausable evolutionary pathway to development of systems on the scale required. One possible pathway is discussed, where the required technologies are developed and refined on an incremental scale. The initial stages of the process are development of ground-based photovoltaic power and of beamed power systems for space use. Written by Geoffrey A. Landis.

Space Solar Power Frequently Asked Questions
A short FAQ addressing the nature of space solar power, power beaming issues, and why there aren't already solar power satellites.

Power Systems for Bases & Rovers on the Moon
A collection of NASA papers on production and storage of solar power for near-term activity on the Moon, including non-tracking solar cell layouts, regenerative fuel cells, using molten regolith to store energy, and several other papers.

Laser Power Beaming - Selected Bibliography of NASA Lewis Papers
A list of about 30 papers concerning applications of laser power beaming, solar cell response, and a few concerning solar-pumped lasers and lightsails. the Lewis Technical Report Server FAQ describes how to get a copy of the printed articles, or search for an online version.

Lunar Solar Power System for Energy Prosperity Within the 21st Century
Author: Dr. David R. Criswell , Institute for Space Systems Operations, University of Houston , Houston, TX U.S.A. The Lunar Solar Power System has over a twenty-year history. This review paper is accessible on the web page of the 17th Congress of the World Energy Council (Houston, 1998). Make sure there are no breaks in the URL. This is an extensive site for all types of energy systems, mostly terrestrial.

Solar Power from the Moon

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