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Martian Outpost

From the moon, people will travel on to other worlds. In this section of the Artemis Data Book, we discuss missions to Mars and how the lunar community will support those missions.

Mars plays such an strong role in the Artemis Project vision for devleopment of private enterprise in space that you will find articles about Mars throughout the Artemis Data Book. (More than a hundred as of January 1999.)

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If you are interested in Mars, you also will be interested in the Mars Society. While Artemis Society International retains its focus on using private enterprise to establish an enduring future for space development starting on the moon so that you can go, too, the Mars Society is working on the essential first step of getting to Mars in the first place.

You also will be interested in the Life to Mars project, which just came on line on August 23, 2001. Their mission statement says, "Our purpose is to launch space missions that rally public opinion and gather scientific data for human exploration and establishment of a broad ecology of life on Mars."  Unique among space development endeavors, they seem to have the resources they need to accomplish these goals and have no need to take credit for others' work.

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