Cislunar Space Traffic Model
Section 2.4.
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Developing the Cislunar Space Traffic Model

Cislunar space is the stuff between the Earth and the moon.

Here's the question: If we're successful in getting the big space traffic economic engine going, what's going where and in what quantities?

What we need is a model showing all the processes of transportation systems in cislunar space -- what goes into each process, what comes out if it, and what the process does to change in the inputs and outputs. Even if the numbers are wrong, the model will be valid. We can always set the values to zero for things we don't think will happen.

The model needs a way to accept a set of different cases so we can compare the space traffic for each case, and add more models to determine the resource requirements to get these materials flowing. For instance, our baseline economic forecasts for the lunar community show that throughout the foreseeable future, the most lucrative export industries will be space tourism and entertainment. However, if it turns out that shipping helium-3 to Earth is a financially viable lunar industry, the space traffic model will change: we'll have just as much tourism -- perhaps even more -- but we also will add a lot of cargo between Earth and the moon.

Task Description:

Task ID
Task Name
Cislunar Traffic Model
27 Nov 1998
Cislunar Traffic Model
Description of Task
  1. Research possible paths for development of space traffic
  2. Develop model of space traffic (which might purchase resources from the moon, or compete with them) through 2100
  3. How to do it
  4. How others have done it
  5. Illustrations, if applicable
  6. Work breakdown for this particular task
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Cislunar Space Traffic Model

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