Science on the Moon
Section 2.3.
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Lunar Development and its Impact on SETI Projects

Establishing a permanent, self-supporting community on the moon is one of the first steps toward developing an effective SETI program.

Artemis Society International and the SETI League are affiliate organizations. The Artemis Project will build the infrastructure: the transportation system, mines, habitats, materials industries, soda shops, movie theaters. SETI projects will build the radiotelescopes on the far side of Luna that we need to scan the universe.

Our affiliate relationship is important right now. The SETI League can define what SETI needs on the moon, in terms of facilities, personnel, and other resources such as power and communication. The Artemis Society then figures out the methods and costs for providing those things on the moon, along with the supporting infrastructure.

In the long run, SETI gets funding for the laboratories and becomes a customer for the services offered by the lunar community.

Science on the Moon

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