Science on the Moon
Section 2.3.
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Web sites outside the Artemis Data Book related to Science on the Moon.

Proposals for Astronomical Observatories on the Moon
maintained by Yuki D. Takahashi
Contributor to the Lunar Farside Radio Laboratory
(IAA Study) 2002/10/11 Presentation @ World Space Congress 2002/10 New Astronomy from the Moon.

2002 Lunar South Polar Infrared Telescope, NASA study

Lunar Farside Radio Lab
Lunar Farside Radio Lab - a study by the International Academy of Astronautics. Coordinated by Claudio Maccone Member of the International Academy of Astronautics.

IAA SETI Taskgroup: Lunar Farside Radio Laboratory
Dr. Claudio Maccone, Ph.D, Italy. Vice Chair of the SETI Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics and appointed Coordinator of the IAA Cosmic Study on the "Lunar Farside Radio Lab"

Where on Moon?
Where should we lay our radio array? We want a large flat area for
a long-baseline array -- inside a crater would be ideal!

Romance to Reality: Moon & Mars mission plans
... Hence, radio communication with Earth will often require surface or orbital relays.
These must be designed to avoid interfering with farside radio telescopes.

Science on the Moon

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