Lunar Mining
Section 2.2.
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Ice at the Lunar South Pole

Brant Sponberg

In early December 1996, the press announced that water had been found on the Moon. For the purposes of clarification, as this is an issue directly related the Aremis Project, water has not been proven to exist on the moon. For many years, especially following the science data returned by the Clementine probe, scientists have hypothesised that ice may have frozen onto the areas of the Moon especially in the sourth polar basin, which were in permanent shadow. Evidence has been inconclusive, although encouraging. There are several points to make with regards to this issue:

In summary, the claim of ice is made on the assumption that some radio waves from an antenna during one pass over the lunar south pole came back with polarizations different from the 180 degrees typical of dry rock. Although it's an indication of possible water ice on the lunar south pole, the evidence is far from conclusive (we still don't have spectra of the lunar south pole) and the water ice, if it exists, is not waiting in a readily usable form. Confirmation will have to wait until Lunar Prospector is launched.

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Lunar Mining

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