Expanding the Lunar Base
Section 2.1.
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Related External Web Sites

The following is a list of papers with related material, but located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

Lava tubes on Earth
A commercial site which describes and illustrates guided tours of a 100-km-long Australian lava tube complex. Good images and background information.

Lunar Base Quarterly (LBQ) at the IAA
The LBQ is a collection of notes about progress, studies, and programs related to development of the Moon from the International Academy of Astronautics, Moon-Mars Committee, Subcommittee on Lunar Development, Lunar Development Forum. Web site hosted by Dr. H. H. Koelle, Professor emeritus, Aerospace Institute, Technical University Berlin, Germany.
Crew Habitable Element Space Radiation Shielding
Paper by P. D. Campbell, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company, on the JSC Exploration server.

Expanding the Lunar Base

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