Expanding the Lunar Base
Section 2.1.
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Inflatable Rover Buckets

Roger Pettibone

One of the limits on the first couple of missions is the size and mass of the shuttle payload. A rover needs to be able to move a lot of regolith, and one limitation on that is the size of the bucket. But we only have a limited space to bring a large bucket. If the rover uses a brush system, or some other "scoop up and dump into carrying bucket" system, then we could use an inflatable structure to enlarge the size of the bucket.

For the first manned mission, a framework could be assembled to hang the bucket from. The bucket structure would then be inflated and attached to the framework. It would be similar to leaf bags that hang from a metal band on a stand, conveniently holding the bag open. The whole thing might end up the rough shape of a wheelbarrow.

The bag is "inflated" with an expanding foam or something similar so that the regolith does not puncture the skin. The structure should be strong enough for what we need, and would take up less space than taking a stiff, pre-formed bucket.

This concept may not be practical on a purely robotic mission, but using people to assemble the bucket could extend the usefulness of a small rover.

Expanding the Lunar Base

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