Artemis Project Overview
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Brief Overview of the Artemis Project

The Artemis Project is a privately financed commercial venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting manned lunar base. The first manned flight places a habitat on the moon for permanent occupation. Within a few years after that first landing, regular commercial traffic to the moon will be economically viable.

You can come, too! For the first time in history, you are invited to participate directly in manned space flight by lending your talent and enthusiasm to the project. Your help can make it happen sooner rather than later.

The project will develop lunar resources for profit, to demonstrate that manned space flight is within the reach of private enterprise and create an environment for the growth of private industry in space. The Artemis Project is unique among proposals for developing a moon base because it is a 100% privately financed commercial venture which will place the first element of the lunar base on the moon within the next decade, and because it will show a profit from the first flight to the moon.

To most people, space flight is a form of entertainment; and therein lies the real market value of space development. We avoid investing money directly in the space flight by seek investment in associated ventures in known industries such as making movies, television, publications, and merchandising, with no more risk than in any multi-faceted venture in the entertainment business.

The Artemis Project consists of a team of organizations lead by Artemis Society International, and a team of commercial companies lead by The Lunar Resources Company.

Artemis Project Overview

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