1998 Baltimore
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Agenda for 3 June 1998 IRC Meeting

                  ASI Worldcon Team Meeting
                 via Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  ,  channel #artemis

                  Wednesday, June 3, 1998
                 9:00 PM EDT - 11:00 PM EDT
                 8:00 PM CDT - 10:00 PM CDT
                 7:00 PM MDT -  9:00 PM MDT
                 6:00 PM PDT -  8:00 PM PDT


     1. Appoint a secretary for the meeting   Dana Carson
     2. Roll call                             Everybody
     3. Review the Agenda: Any additions?     ?
     4. ASI Worldcon Team Leader?             Rick Carey
     5. Lunar Traders Table                   Tim Cadell
     6. ASI Table                             ?
     7. SFWA Suite Helpers                    Rick Carey
     8. Artemis Project Party                 Dana Carson
     9. Program Participants and Helpers      ?
    10. ASI Flyers                            ?
    11. Schedule for Worldcon Meetings        ?
    12. IRC and WebCam from the Worldcon


     Internet Relay Chat Instructions

       IRC Procedure Guide
       IRC Client Software

     ASI 1998 Worldcon Team
     Mailing list:
     See Listserver Mailing Lists for info on how to subscribe.

     Bucconeer, the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention

1998 Baltimore

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