1997 San Antonio
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Artemis Project 1997 Worldcon Team Information

Artemis Society International is going to have a major presence at this year's World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio.  Several of our members are going to be giving presentations on the Artemis Project.  We are going to set up an informational booth in the dealer's room to introduce people to the concepts and ideals that ASI incorporates.  If resources permit, we're also going to throw some room parties and maintain an Artemis Society hospitality suite.

Of course, conducting such an extravagant event requires a large support network.  That's where we're counting on YOU!  The 1997 World SF Convention is going to be a LOT of fun, and ASI is going to be one of the movers and shakers of the event!  This event is going to be the greatest single PR event for ASI this year!

What can you do? LOTS of things!  If you're able to attend the convention, how about volunteering to help out at the Artemis booth or in the hospitality suite?  We'll also need people to assist the hosts of the room parties and to assist the speakers at their presentations.  If you can do this, then contact the 1997 World Convention Team coordinator, Thomas K. Martin at and he'll get you signed on!

If you are not able to attend the event, there's still a LOT you can do to help out!  We need to get flyers designed and printed.  We also need to get some brochures designed to hand out at the Artemis booth and in the room parties and the hospitality suite.  It would also be nice if we could get a really good banner designed and made to hang over the booth.  That's something we could use over and over at other events as well!  If you can help out with one of these projects then contact the team coordinator at and we'll get you started!

For a complete list of the tasks that need to be performed, both at the convention and before the convention check out the task list and see what's on the list that YOU can do to help make Artemis Society International the most impressive space society at the convention!

But, remember, this isn't just about work.  The 1997 World Con will be a LOT of fun, too!  There are parties, panels by well known authors, organized events, all for about a week.  A World Science Fiction Convention is an experience like no other on Earth.  The only thing that can beat going to a World Con is to be a part of it!

We also plan to have FREE t-shirts for the convention volunteers. These are a special edition of the full-color Artemis shirt with lettering on the back that states:

Artemis Project Team
1997 World Con
San Antonio, Texas

To get yours, all you have to do is volunteer, show up and get in ten hours of volunteer work during the convention.  We only have a few of these so be sure and volunteer early to get yours!

Finally, if you can't make the convention and don't have the time or resources to take on one of the other tasks, you can STILL be a part of the 1997 World Con effort!  That's right!  You can donate to the Artemis 1997 World SF Convention fund!  We need a total of about $4,000.00 to really pull this off really top-notch and anything that we can raise up front before the convention will help us meet this goal.  All you need to do is send in a check or money order made out to Artemis Society International to:

Artemis Society International
1997 World Con Fund
P.O. Box 4878
Huntsville, AL  35815

and you'll have the satisfaction of having been a part of the 1997 World Con Team!

Folks, Artemis will be judged for a long time by the type of appearance we can present for events like this.  We need your help to make this look slick and professional.  We're going to the moon!  Let's show the folks at the 1997 World SF Convention that Artemis knows how to fly!

1997 San Antonio

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