1997 World Con Task List

There are many things that need to be done to make Artemis' effort at the 1997 World Con a success.  Even if you can't attend the convention and work as a volunteer, there are still many things that can be done to help!  Below is a list of all of the things that we hope to accomplish at the 1997 World Con.  Browse through the list and see if there's anything you would like to undertake.

If you want to volunteer for one of the projects below, or to work at the convention itself, contact Thomas K. Martin at tkmartin@sff.net and we'll get you signed on to the Team!

ASI Flyers:

These need to be designed and produced before the convention so that they can be included in the convention membership packets and distributed on the "freebie" tables at the convention.  There are 7,000 members of World Con which means we will need at least 8,000 of these flyers to both fill the membership packets and distribute on tables.  Because of the large number needed, these should be small ( half page ) in size.
Gosh, I could do THAT!

ASI Brochures:

Like the flyers, these need to be produced before the convention.  However, these will contain more detailed information and will be distributed only from the ASI information / merchandise booth.  We probably only need 2,000 of these.  Perhaps something like a sheet of foolscap ( 11 x 17 ) folded in half and printed on all four faces in magazine style columns.
Gee, that sounds EASY!

ASI Banner:

We need a banner to hang over our booth at the convention.  Someone needs to design this and get it made.  Perhaps a white canvas banner with metal grommets along the top to facilitate hanging printed with the Artemis half-moon logo and the words "Artemis Society International" in large lettering.
Man, is that ALL?

ASI Presentations:

Presentations on the Artemis Project will be made at the convention by Gregory Bennett and myself.  Others may be making presentations as well.  It is estimated that we need two additional people to provide support during these presentations.  This will be a short term project and anyone working this will also be able to work at the ASI / Lunar Traders booth.
That sounds like FUN!

ASI / Lunar Traders Booth:

ASI will have a booth in the dealer's room at the convention.  If we can arrange it, we will have a small television and VCR to run a continuous playing of the Future Fantastic episode featuring the Artemis Project.  We will also be selling merchandise and memberships at this table.  We estimate that we need at least four people to help work this event throughout the convention.  The more people we have, the less time each will have to spend at the booth.  After all, we want to have fun too!
Hey, I'll BE there!

ASI Room Parties:

ASI will be throwing at least one room party during the convention.  If we have enough people to provide support and enough capital, we will attempt to have a room party of some form every night of the convention.  These parties will be held after the dealer's room is closed, so people working the ASI booth will be able to help with the parties as well!  Each room party will need a minimum of two people to assist the hosts.
Parties? Count me IN!

ASI Suite:

This is the "iffy" one. It takes a large amount of capital and we estimate that we need at least four people dedicated entirely to this endeavor.  A hospitality suite is like an ongoing room party on a smaller scale.  However, if we have enough people to arrange it, this could become the biggest draw we have at the convention.
Pouring drinks? Noooo problem!