1998 Milwaukee
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Proposed Artemis Project Events and Exhibits

Special Events

  1. Artemis Society International Reception
  2. Moonbase design contest?
  3. Diorama contest?
  4. Giant moon globe?
  5. LTV Mockup?


  1. Lunar Base Exhibit -- the travelling thing you've been talking about (TBD)

  2. Luna City Hotel Room exhibit (TBD)
    This is a 10-foot by 10-foot hall display with literature racks; an information kiosk. Should be strategically located somewhere away from the moon base to increase exposure.

  3. Artemis Society International Information Table (Boise)

  4. Lunar Traders dealer table; offer ASI memberships plus Lunar Traders merchandise (Greg)

  5. Lunar Traders Internet Cafe -- a local version of the LTIC, if the hotel will allow it and we have the resources to pull it off (Thomas K. Martin)

  6. LunaSoft dealer table -- space games (James Jones)

  7. LTV mockup

1998 Milwaukee

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