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10 Together We Can Make It Happen

Program Item Number: 10

Title: Together, We Will Make it Happen

Program book blurb:

Program book editor notes:

Panel discussion on why the space enthusiast community can't get their act together; foibles of depending on government to do it; how to rid ourselves of the NIH Syndrome; who's doing what; how we can work together; why we need to work together; overview of all the stuff that's going on

Time slot: Sunday 4:30- 5:30

Location: Excecutive AB

Type: Panel


Moderator: TBD

Representatives from:
Stage Management Requirements:
  1. Stage manager: TBD
  2. Room Setup: Panel
  3. Equipment:
    1. Overhead projector
    2. Overhead projector stand
    3. Extension cords
    4. Projection screen

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