2001 Artemis Project Conferences
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Request for Proposal

The Moon Society solicits proposals for hosting the year 2001 Moon Society Conference.

Proposals should identify and explain:

Site and Facilities
Conference Commitee
Program and conference operations approaches
Business Management


Why there?

Site and Facilities

Conference Issues

What conference facilities are available?

Does a union control the proposed conference facilities? What are the rules?

Does the hotel charge corkage for private functions? Dreyage for conference equipment shipped ahead? (Hint: If the answer to either of these is not zero, look for another hotel.)

We need either a direct network connection or two full-time telephone lines for a webcast. How much will this cost us?

We need a reception suite for Room L. How much will this cost us? What is the hotel's policy regarding us doing our own catering in this room? (If it's OK, attach the hotel's written statement of that to the proposal. If the hotel insists on doing the catering, attach their catering price list to the proposal.)

Habitability and Travel Issues

How much is a hotel room? Extra charge for roommates?

Swimming pool? Coffee in the rooms? Refrigerators?

Data connections to the hotel rooms?

How much does the hotel charge for local calls? Are data calls OK?

What is the hotel's standard checkout time? Is extended checkout available?

What is the hotel's cancellation policy? How far in advance does a guest have to notify them to cancel a reservation?

Restaurants in the hotel? Average meal cost in the hotel restaurants?

How much does a can of soda pop cost from the hotel's vending machines?

How far is it to the nearest Kinko's? Office Depot? Grocery store?

How far is a major airport?

What airlines serve that airport?

What is the average round-trip airline ticket price for a flight from ... Aukland? Baltimore? Chicago? Christchurch? Honolulu? Houston? Johannesburg? Las Vegas? London? Los Angeles? Memphis? Mexico City? Miami? New York? Phoenix? Orlando? Paris? Perth? Portland? Rio de Janiero? San Fransisco? Santiago? Seattle? Sydney? Tucson?


What are the proposed dates and times for the conference?

Don't conflict with any of these events:

International Space Development Conference (ISDC)
Space Frontier Foundation Conference
Lunar Development Conference (c. July 20)
International Lunar Exploration Working Group Conference
World Science Fiction Convention (Labor Day weekend)
JSC Lunar Science Conference

What other dates should we avoid?

Conference Committee

Who's going to do what? Can you assemble a conference committee who can keep working through many months of planning and problems? Have you provided for depth on the bench so that one or two personal interruptions don't put the whole conference at risk?

The Chief

Who will lead the conference committee? What expertise, experience, and qualifications does this person bring to the task?

These same questions apply to the rest of the concom.

Business Manager

Hotel liaison

Program director

Session chairmen

These folks might not be identified in the proposal, but you at least need to identify how you will recruit them and why that method of recruitment will work.

A/V Director

Registration director

Publications director

Press relations


Who will take care of the conference web site?


How will you staff your conference committee? How many people do you need? How will you recruit them? How will you train them?

Of course, the same folks can appear on several different proposals. The important thing is that you contact them and that they be committed to doing the conference as it is defined in the proposal.

Program and conference operations approaches


How will you organize your conference committee?

How will you organize and schedule the program?

Serial tracks on specific subjects? Random hodge-podge of agenda items? What are the major subject areas?

Will you do a Call for Papers?

Multiple-track programming?

We've learned the hard way that you want to run a technical track in parallel with a business track; but you have to be careful not to schedule people to be in two places at once.

Will you do plenary sessions and individual workshops?


Does this site offer opportunities for inviting folks in the area to speak to the conference?

Food functions

Are you planning any food functions? Will you have coffee breaks? (This year's conference should at least have had coffee available in the morning.) Have you contacted the hotel to get their catering menus? (The prices will drive you deeply into concept shock.)


Will you have exhibit space? How much? Tabletops or ten-by-ten's?

Local support

How will you handle transportation and logistics for the conference? Do you need to pick up A/V equipment? Office supplies?


What A/V equipment will the conference supply? Where will you get it? How much will it cost? Have you checked with the hotel to find out if they will allow you to bring in outside equipment? (Did you get that in writing?) Does the hotel's union contract require a union projectionist to run a slide projector?

Hint: Projecting displays from computers is becoming increasingly popular and convenient. Can we afford to do this?

Team Communication

What resources do you need for communication among your team? Teleconference setups? Private web space? Mailing lists? Have you contacted the Moon Society's Communications Committee about setting up these things? Who will be the list owners for your mailing lists?

Hint: The Communications Committee is fair game for getting help defining these things.


What publications do you propose?

Don't forget name badges, conference program, publicity flyers, proceedings, specialized forms ... whatever you think we need for a successful conference.

What web sites will you use?

Hint: A Moon Society Conference should be on, with absolutely no satellite pages under any other domain. The web site must be entirely self-contained and its organization defined in the proposal.

How will get your publications reviewed to assure that they are consistent with Moon Society policies?


OK, how much will this cost us?

Requirement: All conference participants must be members of the Moon Society. Registration in the conference includes either initial annual dues or extension of membership by 12 months. The conference budget needs to reflect the amount reserved for paying Society dues. Considering offering appropriate discounts to life members.

What registration cost do you propose? Are there breakpoints for early registrants?

Will you charge for display space? How much?

Will you charge for advertising in the publications?

Do you propose free memberships or other benefits for speakers? Session chairmen? Speakers? These things must be defined in writing and agreed to before we charter a conference committee.

Indemnification and insurance: If the conference loses money or gets sued because someone got injured, who is responsible for the loss?

Business Management

Since the Moon Society is a 501(c)(3) corporation, we require full disclosure and control of finances, and any profit resulting from the conference may not inure to the benefit of any individual members, officers, or stockholders.

Will you use the Moon Society's secure server? The Society's credit card processing?

Will you use the Society's Team Director system for your conference registration data base?

How will you publicize the conference?

How will you track, control, and report costs and revenues?

Who signs contracts with hotels and other suppliers? Who is responsible for paying the bills?

2001 Artemis Project Conferences

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