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Objectives of the Artemis Project

Artemis Project lunar exploration base on the surface of the moon

The goals of the Artemis Project are:

  1. to build a permanent manned base on the moon,
  2. to exploit lunar resources for profit,
  3. to demonstrate that manned space flight is with in the reach of private enterprise, and
  4. to bootstrap private industry into manned space flight.

That's it; nothing more.

To accomplish these goals, we want to return a handsome monetary profit to those who invest in the company, and to those who invest their time and hearts in it, we must return the even more significant profit of the opportunity to live, work, and play in space.

Everyone participating in the project has personal reasons for wanting this to happen, but the project as a whole will not adopt any social agenda among its goals. The people who go there will make of the new worlds what they will.

That doesn't mean we shy away from speculating what those new worlds will be like and what the effects of this project on the future will be. That's why Artemis Magazine is designed to carry science fiction as well as the factual articles; through fiction we explore the visions of human existence.

We're running out of frontiers here on Earth. It's getting crowded; per capita human wealth has passed the breaking point and is declining. The rest of the universe is out there for the taking if we can just make that first real step.

Besides those altruistic motives, just about everything associated with the Artemis Project is just plain fun! People like the toys, the stories, the technical challenges, the fellowship, the sense of wonder, and even the challenge of trying to create a billion-dollar business out of dust.

Can we think of a better thing to do with our lives?


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