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The Better Idea Syndrome

We have encountered a big problem with trying to support a Society and still carry out the business of the Artemis Project. We have a well-defined program to put together, and can't afford the time to review every lengthy proposal that comes in for alternative approaches. When it comes to Better Ideas For How To Get To The Moon, we're well into the old saw from the Apollo Program: "The better is the enemy of the good."

This is a real program, affecting the lives and livlihood of thousands of people in many organizations and companies. We have to assure that "official" public relations carry a consistent and accurate message.

Everyone working on the program has tremendous latitude in deciding how to get things done. However, redefining the program to match your own personal tastes and altruisms is not an option. The story of what the Artemis Project is, how it's organized, and how it works is complex enough without having a loose cannon shooting at the wheelhouse.

Seriously, we enthusiastically encourage anyone with a Better Idea for how to get homo sap into space to follow his own calling; but not in the name of the Artemis Project.


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